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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

A poem that I wrote a year ago in response to this day.



Valentine’s Day

What is it about the human mind that,

even on this day–of all days–

it cannot fathom that the older among us,

also need love?

Would it surprise, perhaps shock, the radio host–

who suggested that only young women suffer in love–

to learn that the mature do as well?

Perhaps, suffer even more.

When does longing go away?

At twenty-eight when laugh lines first appear and the

skin subtly begins to thin? At forty, childbearing,

for most, long ended? At fifty-something, bleeding–thank God–

halted? Or, at fifty-eight, encroaching on one’s sixties,

that time when we slide, as if by some dark magic,

into older adults, seniors, wise elders, the aged?

One can laugh off, in certain moods, the naivety.

The ignorance.

Not today.

Today when I long for you body and soul, and search for

the curve of your shoulders, the press of your skin against mine,

the muscle of your thighs.

When I look at you and see in the depth of your eyes

the man I first met, when I look at myself and see the intelligence

in my blue eye, the warmth of my reddened lips.

Then, I see us. Us as we’ve always been.

There is no end to love!

Nor to lust, love’s trouble-maker step-sibling.

This truth, today, let’s keep as our secret, our hidden theme.

To be expanded on and explored, at our leisure,

behind curtained windows, and doors shut tight.





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Fall Down Seven, Stand Up Eight!



Eastern tiger swallowtail on Lobelia (image by author)


Writing is like lying down in the road and asking people to stop and look at you, and today, I got run over.”

This line, spoken by the young Lawrence Durrell, is from the PBS production of “The Durrells In Corfu”. Lawrence has just hosted a public reading to celebrate an early piece of his writing and no one, other than a confused and elderly man unknown to him and a small cadre of close family, attends.

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Melancholy & Writing


Lake Michigan shore in January (Photo by author)


I am listening to Willie Nelson and enjoying him a good deal. Willie’s unmistakable voice–warm and full of feeling yet rational and sure–is calm and energizing.

Calm and energy are two qualities I am in need of this winter. I am depressed. Or so I think.

Oddly, I don’t think I’ve ever been depressed before. At least not like this.

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DSC00788 (2)

photo by author

I’m happy to announce that my poem “Maples” appears in the April 2017 issue of the journal Front Porch Review!

Front Porch Review published another poem of mine, “Dance Past It”, in its January 2017 issue. It’s been fun and flattering to have my poetry appear in a publication that I enjoy a good deal, in particular its selection of poetry.

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Dance Past It

Very pleased that my poetry–“Dance Past It”–appeared in the January issue of Front Porch Review.

And, further pleased that my poem “Maples” will appear in the April, 2017 issue of Front Porch Review!

Front Porch Review (http://frontporchrvw.com) is a nicely done and thoughtful online journal of skillful, smart, and striking short fiction, poetry, and essay.

Do take a look!

Dance Past It

The voice ‒ from breakfast ‒ eludes me now.
I toyed with it,
ignored its clamor
ran away.

That voice ‒ so loud ‒ is silent now.
It doesn’t pursue,
it does not wait.
It’s vanished ‒ like frost peeling from my roof in morning sun.

Moment by moment,
rain drips off the holly’s black branch,
slides into the cold earth,
and I, silly in the winter light ‒ dance past it.


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Write Every Day–Really?

“Replenish the well…” (Image by author)

There are many rules promulgated for writers, in articles on developing one’s writing, in books on writing, and in writing classes and workshops.  One of the most repeated is the idea that in order to make progress on a piece of writing, one must “write every day”.  Some go so far as to recommend a minimum number of words to produce daily, and then go on to cite the number of words that this or that famous writer demanded of himself (interesting, one doesn’t hear about many women writers demanding minimum daily word counts).

I don’t know about you but I do not write every day. Continue reading

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