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I’m happy to announce that my poem “Maples” appears in the April 2017 issue of the journal Front Porch Review!

Front Porch Review published another poem of mine, “Dance Past It”, in its January 2017 issue. It’s been fun and flattering to have my poetry appear in a publication that I enjoy a good deal, in particular its selection of poetry.

Please take a look at FPR; it’s a thoughtful, nicely done publication!


When I was a child, so young I walked
barefoot across hot asphalt & searched for copper pennies
caught in its hold

I climbed maple trees, whirling
beckoning in afternoon light.

I climbed & Del climbed behind me
soles and toes searching for footholds
wrapped ’round bark-carved branches
limbs that caught & pinched, fingers reaching
grasping for higher heights.

We did not ask, did not tell.
Breath ragged, foot sore
we spied uppermost aeries
& arrived, perched ‒ small robins aloft ‒
swinging red legs, ankles scratched
and gazed at life miniature below.

And laughed. Then laughing
at our laughter still,
climbed earthward to safety.

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2 responses to “Maples

  1. J

    Lovely, delightful!

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Glad you enjoyed! Have heard from more than a few that they find “Maples” a pleasure to read, or evocative of their own childhoods, or as stimulating of similar, pleasant memories.

      That’s been interesting as, when I wrote the poem, I didn’t feel particularly nostalgic. It wasn’t as if I were looking back on happy memories–although certainly tree climbing was usually a happy activity!

      It was more, as I recall, a looking back on an activity that now seems far away, quite adventurous, and, even, dangerous. An activity denied to many modern children due to its danger.

      Something that I then took for granted, as if to say, and why shouldn’t we spend our summer afternoons up in these trees? An activity that granted us a certain power and control over the world that adults had lost…

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