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She Breaks The Rules! Alice Munro and “Some Women”

Yesterday I chanced upon an article for writers that addresses rejection. The author complied a long list of do’s and don’ts for fiction writers, most of which I’d heard before, and many that made sense (so it seemed at that moment), and I duly saved the article and made a note to use it when I revise.

Today I sat down with a stack of The New Yorker magazines from past months and flipped through their fiction offerings. Not much appealed to me.

Then I hit on Alice Munro’s “Some Women” (The New Yorker, December 22 & 29 ’08). Loved the story; I was immediately engaged, it held me tight all the way to the end. But the best part of reading it was that all the way through I couldn’t help but notice that Munro kept breaking a whole handful of so-called rules that we story writers burden ourselves with.

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