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The Softer Writer; How Being Sick Can Make Us Better

I’ve been home, sick, for two weeks. Coping, as one does with a serious virus, with a two steps forward, one step back–or two steps back, one step forward–progression and resolution. Which means I’ve been inside a lot, outside some, and attempted a return or two to normalcy only to discover that I was not ready to return to normal. Called my doctor, saw her when my condition worsened, and visited my pharmacy. Twice.

While this happened, life did not stop.

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Read And Be Happy: Daniel Pennac’s “The Rights of The Reader”

9781406300918 I don’t know about you, but I go in and out of periods of intense reading.  When I’m writing, especially if new material, I tend to not read much.  It’s as if I don’t have the desire or use for the voices of others; I am much too engaged with my own.

I also, like many writers, fear that if I immerse myself in the words of another while I am creating my own, that I will lose my voice, and that I cannot afford to do. But when I am not writing new material, when I am revising or submitting, I read a good deal.  Widely, and in my own fashion, a fashion that has over the years given me pause. Continue reading


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Is Writing Work? And Why It Might Matter…


No doubt, this is real work!

Have you ever had the experience of stumbling, hesitant, unsure of how to answer the inevitable query: And what do you do? How do you answer?  Do you answer that you work as a writer?  Or, does linking work with writing make you pause, perhaps confuse you, even irritate, or irk?

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Write Every Day–Really?

“Replenish the well…” (Image by author)

There are many rules promulgated for writers, in articles on developing one’s writing, in books on writing, and in writing classes and workshops.  One of the most repeated is the idea that in order to make progress on a piece of writing, one must “write every day”.  Some go so far as to recommend a minimum number of words to produce daily, and then go on to cite the number of words that this or that famous writer demanded of himself (interesting, one doesn’t hear about many women writers demanding minimum daily word counts).

I don’t know about you but I do not write every day. Continue reading

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