The Fascists Among Us


Social media is abuzz-as it should be-with discussions of racism and the white supremacist beliefs and rhetoric of the demonstrators in Charlottesville.

But it’s important to remember that these people are fascistic. And that, as Fascists, they carry and hold tremendous amounts of hate and fear for, at this point in history, almost all Americans.

They hate and fear all things liberal, open, progressive and forward thinking. They are intensely narrow, rigid and reactionary, close-minded, nationalistic, drawn to authority and authoritarian forms of government.

Their hatred of people of color is legendary. But they hate others as well.

Indeed, one can argue that their hatred is profligate, and that there are few segments of America into which it does not find its way.

They hate and fear Jews, Muslims, and liberal Christians. Immigrants and foreigners. Gays, Lesbians, and the transgendered. The disabled and different. Progressive women of all backgrounds, Feminist thinking, and Feminist values. Intellectuals and those drawn to rationality and intelligent inquiry. And, for good measure, Socialists and socialism, and Communists and communism.

They fear science and scientific thinking, preferring to embrace pseudo-science that supports their twisted thinking and bizarre conclusions. They reject climate change and environmentalism.

And, historically, they rejected labor and labor policies aimed at improving workplace conditions, and the lives of working people.

Who and what don’t they hate?

Their own small band of nationalistic, fear-laden, boot-licking panderers to authoritarianism. Their repugnant strongman “leaders”. The havoc and panic they sow. Their noise and bluster and torches in the night.

Their wretched machismo and the pain it brings to the world.

The 20th century had its fill of this ilk, and the disasters they wrought were legion. It’s important that we know who they are, and that we know what they are.

Without this understanding, we cannot mount an effective response to the danger they pose and prevent the 21st century from recreating the shames and losses of the century that came before.


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4 responses to “The Fascists Among Us

  1. Nick

    Thank you for writing.

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Thank you, Nick, for not just reading my post, but taking the time to write a comment! I do appreciate!

      This was a hard topic to write on–and I very much want to get back to writing about writing!–but, for now, I feel I have to address these hard, difficult topics. None of us can, or should, rest easy with these kinds of events unfolding.

  2. James C.

    The well-exposed fascists are overt and easy to identify. Your description of them and their hate is very much on target.
    Harder to identify at this point are the “closet-fascists who will come out of hiding when they feel the risk of recrimination has diminished. At this point, they are likely the anti-intellectual rabble we are hearing more about.

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Good point! These on display for all the world to see–and push back against–are easier to fight; it’s the ones hidden in the woodwork that are the problem.

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