The Morning After–Five Thoughts On The Election


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In the light of this brilliant, beautiful autumn morning, these thoughts occur:


Fear, anxiety, and worry permeate the groundswell of reaction to the election. Fear is contagious and destructive. Please keep that in mind as you share.

Next, when did this happen–we’ve all become seers and crystal ball gazers of uncanny accuracy?

Just about everywhere I look someone is predicting our future, and in the unhappiest of terms. I know, the situation is bleak: the odds are stacked against progress. But recall the myriad promises of candidates past. How many were fulfilled? Even with both Houses dominated by the GOP, Trump will face obstacles in ushering in his poorly articulated promises and threats.

Not the least of which is you.

That’s right: you, me, us, and anyone (of any political leaning) not happy with his reactionary, regressive objectives. We, among other forces, are going to stand in his way.


This is the time to breathe in, breathe out, and become calmer. To read, research, and observe. What happened? Why was the election lost to a bully? Don’t jump to the first thought that enters; look for more thoughtful, deeper answers.

And, then, to take action.

This is the exciting question: what action? As many in the 60s were fond of saying (please indulge one more reference to that storied time): Don’t agonize. Organize!

Put aside hand-wringing and fear. Turn away from screen gazing and the rapid-fire posting of babble. Pinpoint your passion. Join and work and support one another in making the kind of changes you want to see. Thousands of groups and organizations exist already, eager for fresh input.

Or, build your own.

Together we can contain the damage of bully Trump. But only if we get up off our chairs, pull our eyes away from our screens, seek each other out, and begin to take action, real action.

There is really no other way.



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7 responses to “The Morning After–Five Thoughts On The Election

  1. Really love this post. Thank you!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jim

    Thoughtful, wise. Well-stated goals for the challenges ahead.

  3. J

    Thoughtful, wise. Well-stated goals for the challenges ahead,

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Thank you, J, for the supportive words!

      Yes, I do hope that in the months ahead I can make head-way on these goals. So important to do something, anything!

  4. Ellen Bateman

    Very wise. So beautifully expressed! Ellen

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Thank you much, Ellen! And thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      These are difficult times, and it’s so helpful to feel supported by others!

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