She’s Back!

I am back!  No, I will not bore you (and myself) with an interminable recitation of the reasons why I postponed rolling up my sleeves and completing the start of this blog for writers, for those interested in writing, for readers, and for those–bless ’em–who love and support writers.

Let’s just say, I’ve been busy, and almost all of it good-busy.

Here’s the deal:  I have re-read, revised, and improved a number of posts on writing and rejection that I wrote some time ago, and want to post here.  I was hoping that I could create on this WP template “tabs”, or sections, and put these four older posts in one section, but at this point, I have not discovered how to do this.

So, I will simply post them, one by one, after this missive.  I will continue to search for clever ways to organize this blog, but in the interest of getting it ‘up and running’, I am resorting to the tried and true long, narrow column format of posting, with each post properly tagged, and a tag cloud running in the blog’s margin, creating a quick way to access a particular theme.

Hope you read some of the posts!  They are: She Breaks The Rules! Alice Munro and “Some Women”; Writing As Aversion Therapy, Or Buddha Writer, Come Quick!; And That Is What Literary Writing Is All About; and Sail On–The Peculiar Poison Of Seeking Publication.


“Human life is fiction’s only theme.”
― Eudora Welty, On Writing

Pink Lotus blossom, August, '14 (photo mine)

Pink Lotus blossom, August, ’14 (photo mine)


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5 responses to “She’s Back!

  1. I’m sure you’ll find a great way to organize. Just explore the paging and menu options on your dashboard.

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Thanks for your vote of confidence! I have blogged before on WP, so I should be able to wade through my options…

      I’ve just always found the differences between this and that “template” a little tricky to get used to!

  2. narcopathcrusher

    This post was boring and too vague. What about instead of wasting all this time in organising you spend it writing? I am a writer and just reading all this effort in mundane tasks uninspired me

    • wellcraftedtoo

      Hi there, Narco,

      Yes, I agree, my post entitled “She’s Back” isn’t the most scintillating I have done, but I wanted to regroup, so to speak, on my blog, and reference my absence. I view blogging as a personal dialogue with others, so, just as I might explain an absence to a friend, I wanted to explain mine here…

      As for “mundane tasks” of blogging, I don’t agree. A blog that is well-designed and set up is easier to read, easier to follow, easier to access info on, and more fun to use. I know; I follow a number of blogs and news sites that are not well-designed and they can be a pain to use.

      As for “not writing”, not only have I posted four (!) new posts on this blog recently, but I am also keeping up with other writing that I do. Hope you can take a look at these recent posts.

  3. narcopathcrusher

    Narco? My first nickname. I will check them right now thanks for telling me.

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