Milton, No Less

I am not known for quoting Milton, but I ran across this today, and it resonates:

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

It’s a line from the first book of “Paradise Lost”.   Started it, but didn’t get far.

I have been struggling for much of the afternoon to create this new site.  Wordpress produces a  smart, professional product for anyone who wishes to blog but, truth be told, it is not an easy site to navigate (and this is not my first WP blog).

I also read a long review of the work of story writer extraordinaire, Alice Munro.  And some news.  Wrote an email or two.  Fed the cat, folded hot, dry laundry.  Called a tradesman. Walked in the gray, wet November afternoon, and marveled at the brilliance of our fall canopy.

It’s time for writing new material, time for doing more submissions, time to revise, again, at least three stories.  Time to think more about forming my own workshop.

Time for friends, time for family.  Time to fortify the house and clean the garden in advance of winter.

How does one master it?  Not the doing of it all–that’s not possible.  But, keep a calm mind. Remain productive, efficient, while simultaneously letting it all–the attachment, the investment, the white-knuckle hold on the outcome–go?  

And not allow the richness of one’s life turn heaven into a hell?

Every woman I know (and many men) are turning this over a lot lately.  Let me know if you discover the answer.Image


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